Denmark’s Yung Go “Commercial” With Their Latest Single

unnamed (3)

For a group of Danes, the quartet that is Yung certainly manage to capture the sound and feel of the Midwest surprisingly well. Sounding uncannily like a mix between a more together version of the Replacements and any number of third wave emo bands currently kicking about, Yung craft smartly melody-driven pop of the highest order.

On “Commercial,” their third and latest single from their forthcoming debut release, A Youthful Dream (Fat Possum), out June 10th, they tear through a blast of guitar heavy melodic punk. It’s a catchy, hook-laden two-and-a-half minutes of fuzzed out pop that travels along on an alternately buoyant and frantic bass line anchoring vocalist Mikkel Holm Silkier’s somewhat disaffected delivery.

Broken structurally into something of a suite-in-miniature, Yung manage to cram a great deal into the song’s deceptively short run time. From the false ending half-way through the song to the gradual slow-down and unceremonious end of the track, “Commercial” proves to be a memorable burst punk-tinged melodicism.


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