Hans-Peter Lindstrøm to Release His “Closing Shot” on Forthcoming EP


Norwegian producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm has long proven himself to be one of the leading practitioners of elegantly flowing, massive sounding space disco. Whether on his own or with frequent collaborator Prins Thomas, Lindstrøm’s sound and approach are unmistakable. With each idea building upon the next, his compositions unfold into massive, shimmering sonic landscapes populated by insistent hooks, floor-filling beats and a disco-indebted aesthetic that places him as a modern day Giorgio Moroder.

On his most recent single, the appropriately titled “Closing Shot,” he takes these basic stylistic tenants to their logical extremes. Beginning with radiating synths and incessant handclaps, Lindstrøm creates wildly effusive track that continually builds upon itself throughout the whole of its nearly eight-and-a-half-minute run time. By track’s end, there have been seemingly innumerable peaks and valleys designed to heighten the tension on the dancefloor only to effortlessly allow for release before embarking on yet another build. Between the exuberant synths and four-on-the-floor drums, “Closing Shot” is a brilliant bit of 21st century disco.

Released earlier this year, “Closing Shot” will see release on the forthcoming Windings EP (Smalltown Supersound/Feedelity Recordings) July 8th, along with two other tracks, “Algortme” and “Foehn.” Check out “Closing Shot” below and do your best to sit still throughout.





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